Welcome to The On Being Well Institute

Our Mission is to Partner with People who are READY to focus on Personal Improvement and WANT to go forward in life with a clear sense of purpose and the tools to be effective!

Designing and Delivering

High Quality Personal Improvement Programs 

and Providing

Results-Driven 1-on-1 Coaching Programs

that Assist to

 Discover and Transform
Blind Spots, Limiting Beliefs, and Emotional Barriers



Emotional Empowerment Project Me

Elevate Me Emotionally

Emotional Empowerment Masterpiece


Meet Our Coaches

Carla J. Cooke, Ed.D. - Emotional Empowerment Coach

Dr. Carla partners with individuals who are Prepared to Break Free from Invisible Chains and Patterns that Hold Them Back from Fully and Powerfully Walking in their Purpose!

Ronald Collier, AA - Empowerment Coach
Emotional Empowerment workshops for men and boys designed to level up, take charge, and productively walk through life with power and purpose!

Enid Buron, MSW 
​Clarity & Couples Empowerment Coach
​Emotional Empowerment Workshops designed to bring focus to essential factors that lead to success in life and relationships!