Meet Dr. Carla J. Cooke
Your Next Conference | Workshop |Training Speaker

Dr. Carla is an engaging, passionate, compassionate speaker intent on delivering talks that pierce the heart, feed the soul, and shift the thoughts of those within the sound of her voice. 

She is driven to help others be emotionally well on purpose; 
Led to dismantle limiting beliefs and pathological patterns; and,
Called to the work of being well!

Dr. Carla understands the importance of encouraging others to show up powerfully and optimally, so that they in turn can live a life that encourages others to show up powerfully and optimally! 

To check rates and availability for Dr. Cooke
to speak at your next event, please contact us at [email protected] or 908-312-3231.

We will make sure your specific needs are addressed to create a unique, transformative experience for your audience.

Dr. Carla delivering remarks for the Cathedral International, NJ Congregation about the impact of trauma and how to avoid vicarious traumatization.
Dr. Carla host & facilitator of the FREE workshop at the On Being Well Instititue
Dr. Carla presenting at the 2016Taking The Kingdom By Storm Women's Conference in Philadelphia, PA